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hard day
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  1. Tips
    My fellow Uber drivers. I do this only part time, but work full time as a technology exec. I took my entire Sunday and drove 20 trips, both with people, and delivery. Bravo to all of you that do this full time. It's mentally exhausting work. Tips are so very important. Here is my...
  2. Atlanta
    $2.75 Gas Price Ouch..... Gas Price goes up quickly but comes down very slooowly, Says the local news.... Another Hurricane on the horizon, future doesn't look good with Gas Prices for Uber Drivers :(
  3. Sydney
    So I was on here last week posting how I finally cracked 100 trips and good tips etc.. thinking I had the hang of this Uber thing now making decent cash. Since then I have been off from driving sick until today, when against my will I made myself go out and drive as I needed the extra money...
1-3 of 3 Results