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  1. Stories
    In the spirit of Thanksgiving (or whatever you prefer to call it) and the start of the Holiday season I'd like to hear what some of y'all are thankful for. The skies are gray and it's chilly here today so I need some positivity. Doesn't have to be rideshare related.
  2. Brisbane
    If you do t make money today , you ain’t breathing . 1 Octoberfest on 2 Apac prescilla queen of the desert 3 triffid band on 4 Eaton Hilo’s hotel band on and sold out 6000 people 5 The Tivoli Band on Plus the Saturday night mayhem and bit to forget our airport What your target is...
  3. Stories
    Was never sure which way I was going on this UBER v Black Cabbie thing.... until now. Sunday 15th October 2017. DLR cancelled. Woolwich line completely closed. AND no replacement bus service was put on. AND the national rail train to Woolwich also wasn't operating. I had been away...
  4. Tips
    I actually had a decent number of cash tips this weekend. Got $12 on Friday, $32 on Saturday and $19 on Sunday. Maybe it was the beautiful, sunny weather in SoCal for the first time in a while that did it. Maybe people all got paid and were feeling generous. Maybe it was the scent of the apple...
  5. Connecticut
    My payment app for metroPCS incorrectly said I was paid up until next month. I was sure I owed today but went with their thinking and didn't pay the $80 bucks. I go about my day. Halfway through a ride, phone & Uber app lock down. I thought it just froze. Nope. Turned off. Any way, I get the...
  6. Advice
    Hello chauffeurs of the west side of the Atlantic I come from the island of Iceland where we do not have Uber, yet. I have been anxiously waiting to get to use this service and now might be my lucky break. Next Tuesday evening I will be landing in Orlando Florida (mco) quite late, 10pm but...
  7. Introductions
    I am so appreciative of this site. THANK YOU - THANK YOU - THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!
1-9 of 9 Results