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  1. Stories
    Got a request on Uber. When I was almost there, I got a text saying I had to go into the lobby and ask for Chen Chen. I was going to text back saying no I don’t, I don’t leave the car. But when I pulled up the guy was standing at the door and came over to the car. He was obviously mentally...
  2. New York City
    Uber's Car-Free Day Hypocrisy New Yorkers for Equal Transportation Access http://nyeta.org/ There is a "CarFreeNYC" rally today sponsored by, CM Ydanis Rodriguez, the chair of NYC Council's transportation committee...
  3. New York City
    Uber to Carve Out Own Exception in New York State Regulations to Side-step Disabled and Skirt the Law When: New York State Legislative Session '16 Where: Statewide Who: Uber and the For-Hire-Vehicle Industry Visuals: AB 9730: Relates to taxi and limousine services equipped s with...
  4. New York City
    New Yorkers for Equal Transportation Access As the rise of Uber has begun to transform the transportation services industry, what has become clear is that for all of the support that the newcomer has garnered from a segment of the riding public, it has totally ignored the needs of the...
  5. Washington DC
    Heard of a new platform starting soon in D.C. it's for handicapped/disabled. No need for special ramps, drivers will be specially trained. The incentive will be higher SRF and more work for the driver since you must assist passenger from wheelchair and into car, then fold chair and load into trunk.
1-5 of 5 Results