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  1. Long Island
    * DRIVERS IN THE HAMPTONS AREA* Get Paid $ 4 per delivery + cash tips (Drivers typically make $15-$20 an hour). All interested drivers email or[email protected] or call 631-898-6906.
  2. Long Island
    Hamptons Delivery Service is looking for drivers in the Hamptons area.Only requirement is a valid drivers license and a car. Please email us at [email protected] or call 631-898-6906. We tend to average over $6 per tip in this area some drivers have got over $100 in 5 deliveries.
  3. Long Island
    Has anyone else seen or heard of this? My friend said he was dropping off at the station early yesterday and he saw a QX60 without the passenger front wheel, when he asked the driver said someone cut his tire overnight and because the nearest tire shop wanted 250 to fix so his friend was...
  4. Long Island
    Cking lyft there is 7 regular lyfts in EH, but a 2.8 surge. 7 lyfts equates to 14 UBER s. Yeah in 3 hrs I made $27 last night, the $5 tipper gave me a 1 star. UBER sux
  5. Long Island
    I'm usually the only driver in town. The people are amazing and I'm making hundreds a day despite Uber's fake surges. The 75mile commute is money and sleep lost for me. Anyone interested in going in on a airbnb house and killing it there? Let me know your contact info and dates you'd be...
  6. News
    https://www.nytimes.com/2017/07/03/nyregion/uber-lyft-via-ride-sharing-new-york.html Relief and Trepidation as Ride Hailing Spreads Across New York NY Times - JULY 3, 2017 - By SARAH MASLIN NIR and JAMES BARRON Brian Rybak, an Uber driver, in East Hampton, N.Y. He recently began working for...
  7. Rockland & Westchester
    Been working Westchester all day and trying set the DF to the Hamptons but it's displaying the route? Anyone else run to issues with the DF? I want to try and complete the quest: 4 trips in Hamptons = $100 reward. ***It's not displaying the route...
  8. New York City
    Hi everyone as in writing this I'm in the hamptons been online 16 hours . For seven pax LMAO shooting myself in the head as I type. Grand total 0f 256 to show so far. Any how I drive a 2015 Dodge Durango citadel top of its line SUV black on black all leather interior with chrome ascents ...
1-8 of 8 Results