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  1. Connecticut
    My sister going back to school so that she can get a Physician's Assistant degree on top of her double Masters in Nursing and Nutrition means that I have had to take on another day of watching Mom so that Mary can take her classes, see her clients, and live her life. So Friday I was only able...
  2. New Jersey
    Don't forget your candy and water bottles! I'm all for having a good, fun night but these people at U & L are off their damn meds! You know how many rides we're gonna have to cancel just for kids with no car/booster seats and minors riding alone?! GTFOH!!
  3. Connecticut
    Hey guys... I had a beautifully illustrated post, with images of all the superheroes, the monsters like Jason and Freddy Kruger, and the politicians like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton full face masks... I switched pages for a moment, and lost the entire thing.... Most of the liquor stores...
1-3 of 3 Results