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  1. Complaints
    Hello, Uber driver here. So yesterday I tried to go on my Uber driver app to drive for the evening. When I went on all my info was gone and missing. Someone got into my account and changed the email associated with my account. I reached out to Uber support and they briefly changed my account...
  2. Phoenix
    I went onto my uber driver app today and it had logged me out. Ok.. I thought that was weird but didn't think anything of it. I just used my information to log back in... only every time I input my email or phone number I would get a notification that it cannot be recognized by Uber. I'm semi...
  3. Advice
    So today after I get my 1st ride of the week I notice my current balance is 21 bucks more then the 1st ride. I looked under account balance to see why but nothing is showing. Anyone ever see this Now it's up to 52 wtf is going on
1-4 of 4 Results