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  1. Advice
    So, probably a newbie question, but I have a question on declining Lyft (and probably Uber) ride requests. I've about given up on Lyft, but this week they sent out a guaranteed hourly rate promo which I opted in. I decided to turn off Uber and use Lyft exclusively for my Friday and Saturday...
  2. Advice
    You fell for that line again? The only way to make money with FUber is to quit as soon as possible. Sell your FUber car while it still has value. Buy a scooter for $500 and apply for a burger flipping job. You will make minimum wage once again and your transportation cost is almost zero! Don't...
  3. Lyft
    Does lyft or anybody else post the hourly guarantees for the week somewhere online? I think I accidentally deleted the email telling me what they are for this week of July 24-31.
  4. Lyft
    I just received an email to choose to opt in for hours here in Denver... Fri. 3/4 $20/hr from 6pm-8pm $23/hr from 8pm-1am $24/hr from 1am-3am Sat. 3/5 $18/hr from 6pm-8pm $23/hr from 8pm-1am $24/hr from 1am-3am BUT this little statement at the bottom of the page had me go Hrmmmmm..... *...
  5. Los Angeles & Orange County
    I m just started today guaranteed hours lets see how uber will treat me
  6. Stories
    So Uber sent me another text claiming that they would be guaranteeing me $1,500 Take-Home this week if I could give 125 rides. I instantly emailed them because I knew this was a play on words. The staff member told me that it was gross income that would be guaranteed. In other words, they would...
1-6 of 6 Results