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  1. Washington DC
    I've never done an UberEats so sorry if this is stupid question. I get logged back into it occasionally and get pings. If I'm reading this right, Uber wants me to drive 9 minutes, wait at a restaurant for an order, then drive THIRTY-ONE MINUTES for the princely sum of $7.26? $7.26 to spend...
  2. Washington DC
    Got these last night. Seriously? I was headed South on 270 so I would've had to exit and head North. NFW Even you SuperAnt Vibranium Level with the secret decoder ring Uber Pro jabronis wouldn't accept these right? I mean with the intention of actually completing them?
  3. Washington DC
    Yeah they've cut incentives. Remember when it was $30 for big events? $5 for the Shitshow that is FedEx Field? GTFOH
1-5 of 5 Results