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  1. Lyft
    I haven't been courted by Lyft for over a year! My last Lyft trip was in the Before Times -- December 2019! They're getting desperate! And what's with the weird timeline?!
  2. Washington DC
    Perfect example of why peeling out of the lot is not worth it.
  3. San Francisco
    Why does my app still show primetime? I thought they took it away and replaced it with dollar amount?
  4. Lyft
    All this BS talk and not even one mention of that poor pregnant driver who was stabbed to death. Too much for "Community" eh? Not even a "Goolden fist bump?" We know stepping up to cover her funeral expenses would be "Too much" for you, Gryft.
  5. San Francisco
    Looks like little brother Gryft has followed in Fuber's footsteps.
  6. Seattle
    Did anyone else receive this email? Reaching 90% acceptance rate would be impossible for me so I never tried to get the PDB. Non-PT Lines/shared are for drivers that want to help the Lyft community, not themselves.
  7. Lyft
    I'm still not taking your Slime requests and I think the community could use a little more waiting around.
  8. Lyft
    So Gryft sends me this email saying "Your earnings won't change but you'll be able to see details". Lol I can already see details. I can't seem to figure out what else changed here.
  9. Washington DC
    Lyft is showing desperation....don't give in yet. Lyft will no longer require 90% acceptance rate on PDB starting May 7th. But they still require rush hour trips to qualify....Keep ignoring the pink Tutu and maybe they'll cave on the peak period trips. Then PDB can challenge Quest!
  10. Seattle
    Puff, puff, pass. Whoever this is, it's only polite to share with your fellow Gryft drivers.
1-11 of 11 Results