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  1. Seattle
    Anyone have a dealer that they trust that doesn't charge a 20% I'm not trying to sell you a lemon tax? I've been shopping for a week and every dealer on 99 from Tacoma to Everett seems to have nothing but ex-felon's who only seem to know the phrase "Nah, bro." or want at least 20% more than...
  2. Sydney
    Just updated the Uber driver app and really regretting it. The good news is they show distance in kilometres and got rid of the stupid map in a circle design but unfortunately they replaced it with an ugly illustration of 3 faces. That space could be better utilised to um... Show the freaking...
  3. Complaints
    These common problems are really bothering me: Zombie Pedestrians Increasingly, pedestrians are looking at their phones while crossing the road. They are zoned out an unaware of their surroundings. And then there are those who are just plain rude, self-entitled snowflakes who think the world...
1-3 of 3 Results