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  1. New York City
    I plan to buy a new Car and drive for Uber once the NYC Cap is lifted in August, Is it better to apply for TLC License right now or should I just wait till June or July to apply, Only disadvantage of getting TLC License earlier that I can think of is that License will expire earlier. but what...
  2. New York City
    Do I have to make an appointment to go to Uber Greenlight hub?
  3. Toronto (Ontario)
    I have submitted and had approved all of my documents and have received my Uber stickers (as per CoL requirement) and I have started doing UberEATS deliveries. However I noticed today that the ability to accept rider requests has not been activated on my account - so I am restricted to food...
  4. Minneapolis
    I just got invite to an "exclusive" drivers only event next Tuesday 12:00 at the Greenlight Hub. Invite says they will be unveiling new ways to earn more. Anyone else get it? I RSVPed.
  5. Chicago
    I've noticed a disturbing pattern of cancel fees not being paid lately so after endless emails to robots, I visited the office on North Ave today. My first visit there - it's very slick of course. The young lady at the counter asked for my phone number. I calmly explained to her the reason for...
  6. Connecticut
    There are 3 Greenlight Hub Spots in Connecticut, where you may talk to a real human being, a Greenlight In-person Support. When email support is too slow, does not understand your question, or does not provide a sufficient answer then I recommend you try a Greenlight. They were also giving out...
  7. Stories
    Okayy soo lol This is from the local Uber email address "[email protected]", both the Partner and Passenger App crashed last night around 10:00PM EST so I needed my password reset because nothing was working. Here's the response from Uber: Hi Michael, You requested a password reset...
1-7 of 7 Results