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  1. Los Angeles & Orange County
    They call it "the modern day equivalent of a Sweatshop". Tell me something we don't know. Wanna guess the average hourly rate Drivers earn after costs are deducted? Worse than I thought....$3.31/hour Thoughts...
  2. Complaints
    Is you drive in any populated area you are no doubt seeing an Uber on every corner by now. Multiplying every week. Even in residential. Scroll around the rider app and it is like that across the entire state. I am now waying possibly selling my Uber car, since it is my second car. I'm finding...
  3. New Jersey
    I picked up a pool yesterday going into NYC. I went into my personal app and saw that uber charges customer 32 vs 42. I choose to test and picked up customer. Picked up customer 2, as coincidence would have it, I knew her. She also confirms the rate of $32. I drop both passengers off and...
  4. Complaints
    ...Why is it that Uber has to keep cutting our wages and surging less and less?? Why Uber? Stand up and tell us please. What is the reasoning behind it? You don't have enough money? You want low life's driving for you instead of professional and or mature adults who have quality work ethic...
  5. Stories
    I drove for Uber on Saturday for Gasparilla: Here is my experience. (I apologize in advance for the long rant :) I told Uber I would post a couple things on the internet today because I was very unhappy with the whole process. Here is what I sent to them. "Uber has reduced driver fare too much...
  6. London
    We all have little experience at this work uber think we pick up droop them wherever they want to go but in reality we stay at frontline face the people we should be get paid more but fact is we get paid according to mile 1.25 15 p min and 2.40 base price -20% uber charge and now they want 25%
1-6 of 6 Results