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  1. Melbourne
    Get Picked Up (GPU) are launching in Melbourne this week; How we are different from the others.... We offer customers Prebooked Journeys and Fixed, Upfront Prices - This suits people who like to plan their week ahead of time. We pay you 5% lifetime commission of all fares from customers...
  2. Sydney
    Chinese people have given patronage to a Chinese ridesharing company Didi in comparison to Uber to the extent that Uber has announced it's exit from the China market. Why are Australian people not patronizing Aussie companies Go Car and GPU etc. in the same way? Is there difference in the...
  3. Australia
    Daniel Rombouts with his market-leading Driver's/ Rider's App has a huge opportunity in Australia. EVERY Tech Startup has its teething problems, but I can report from having carried out and offloaded a lot of work over the last 4 years that is is a VERY robust system and has functionality that...
1-3 of 3 Results