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  1. UberEATS
    Hello there, It's been few months now that I can't select the in-app navigation system from the uber driver app and Uber eats. When I go to the navigation settings, only 2 options are available : Google maps or waze open in a separate app. I used to navigate with the in-app uber navigation...
  2. Brisbane
    Ubers turning off the destination filter in an attempt to keep drivers working longer hence more commission for them. I find it very up setting that that feature doesn’t work considering how much i pay Uber each year. Destination filter isn’t a hard thing to do Uber & the issue of it not working...
  3. Stories
  4. Stories
    True Story; I for one strongly believe that Uber and Lyft do know that you use both platforms. The GPS still tracks you when you go offline. Im sure this has happened to people but it feels like stalking; I was in center city Philadelphia and had both apps on. Lyft pinged me first. I switched...
  5. Technology
    Technology company, doing what it does best.
  6. UberEATS
    Is it only me or? GPS is sometimes totally inaccurate... like it's showing my position whole city away... in reality, I was in McDonald's on Friar-street, what is approx. where the red arrow is... wtf? How am I going to deliver anything like that?
  7. Canberra
    From Uber's weekly newsletter of Wednesday 3 July 2019 ('On the Road in Canberra'): Making it easier to switch between navigation apps While Uber Navigation simplifies the trip experience by allowing you to stay within the app from trip request to drop-off, we know that there are some...
  8. Washington DC
    Damaged My Car Last Night Following Uber GPS Down DC Alleys .. This is so ridiculous.. Uber routes us through every alley in DC, through hospital parking lots, University parking lots AND WORSE, down permanently blocked Capitol Hill roads. Ubers canned response to delete the app and...
  9. Melbourne
    So I'm just starting out as an Uber driver and I want to make sure I'm as prepared as possible. Things I'll need are: 1) Uber sticker - the one that goes on the front windscreen that everyone in Melbourne seems to have. 2) GPS holder - I want my phone to be attached to the dashboard so that I...
  10. Sydney
    I was at the airport waiting today, due to a screw up, Uber thought I had declined a ride request and made be go offline. But on ola IIhad moved from 20-25 to 10-15, so I thought I might remain there hoping to get Ola request. On Uber I got booted to the back I am 46-50. So after waiting...
  11. Stories
    So I got a ping for Demon Child. Almost didn't accept. It was only a few minutes away so I thought at least I would go and check out the pax. If it did look like a demon, whatever that is, I would cancel. Turns out she was a nice sweet girl, at least in my short experience. What's interesting...
  12. Buffalo & Rochester
    It seems like every 3rd to 4th trip the Uber navigation takes me to a wrong location. Either it takes me to a wrong house number or a location a half-mile through-the-woods away. This happens with both Google Maps and the native Uber navigation app. (My phone's navigation works correctly with...
  13. Toronto (Ontario)
    Since UberX has been allowed at Pearson, has anyone noticed their GPS signals have been out of whack? Does anyone else suspect GPS jamming from taxi drivers as retaliation?
  14. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Didn't know Uber was doing their own street mapping, until I saw this in El Segundo. Driver's side door just says "Uber." Passenger side door says, "Uber.com/Mapping." Top rack has cameras. Well, no wonder my pick-ups are in back-alleys!
  15. Technology
    no detail street name,can not see location pick up and drop off .gps only high line no turn by turn street name.how to set to normal ,what has happen? phone-----google pixl 2xl
  16. New York State
    can not see detail street name ,screens turn all white.where can i get setting,how?
  17. Complaints
    There is a place in my city where it is extremely challenging to cross the street... as in, 45 mph, 6 lanes of traffic, and a big concrete barrier blocking u-turns. No intersection. On one side of the barrier is a light rail station, lots of passengers. On the other side is a strip bar and a...
  18. Portland
    Get a ping for 810 nw 6th. Map shows Roseland, but the address is the train station. The first time I figured it was just a fluke. But it happened again tonight.
  19. Technology
    Pickup was at a store 20 yards from me. Same parking lot. Would have loved to watch a pax face as a robot car drives away from the pickup location! "Your car is only 2.8 miles away."
  20. Toronto (Ontario)
    Way too often GPS (google maps) brings me to a correct address but instead of pointing me to a frontdoor it gives me clear direction to a backdoor. Here it is most recent example address: 1326 Dundas St E, Toronto, ON google maps: link GPS brought me exactly to the back alley of the house where...
1-20 of 75 Results