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  1. Toronto (Ontario)
    It's been about 2 weeks since the gov'ts contact tracing app has launched for use by the wide public. Estimates put things around 5% uptake Country wide, however the App only actually works in Ontario at the moment, so the update might be higher if the bulk of downloads are only in the region...
  2. Technology
    Everyone hates S.D.C.'S : ROBO CARS. HOW DO YOU FEEL ABOUT ROBO DOCTORS !? ( With Government Healthcare, your future choices Will be REDUCED)
  3. Complaints
    If this government shut-down drags on, I bet we’ll see a large influx of new drivers. Particularly in towns with significant government presence, eg DC. A quick internet search indicates that the number of federal employees furloughed may be as many as 800,000. If only 10% start driving...
  4. Australia
    Whens the government/ATO gonna wake up? Ubers %27.5 cut is the ATO’s cut, Uber simply takes it instead. Renting car from Splend collects all GST instead of ATO... Uber and Splend are simply just taking all the ATO’s money!! The ATO would be much better off lowering Ubers cut to %15 so they...
  5. San Francisco
    I've been listening to coverage about emissions standards being rolled back in California, and the focus has been on auto manufacturers. But why is no one talking about Uber / Lyft? 1. They dictate a large portion of the used car sales in the nation by the cars accepted on their platform. 2...
  6. New York City
    I can understand the licensing process but what purpose do these TLC Agents serve? Honestly, I think of them as a classic example of 'Big Liberal Government'. Is there nothing better these losers can do in society? They offer no economic value or benefit. NYPD could easily perform their...
  7. Complaints
    The hidden cost of over-regulation in the U.S. is 1.8 trillion a year. Governments worldwide are increasing regulations on Uber. This is a shame. The answer is never more government but rather honest companies run by honest people. Sad.
  8. Brisbane
    Sourced from Courier Mail: http://www.couriermail.com.au/business/uber-cctv-flagged-by-queensland-parliamentary-committee/news-story/65a2e0394155219fce8b2188dd984c92 Uber CCTV flagged by Queensland parliamentary committee UBER drivers may be forced to install cameras in their private cars to...
  9. Toronto (Ontario)
  10. News
  11. Jacksonville
    Did you guys get the email yet? Well uber wants both riders and drivers to stand up to the state government and tell them why uber needs to stay here and how great they are and we need them....lol? How many drivers are really going to say to government here to keep Uber here...please...my...
  12. Advice
    Talking politics and religion are the best way to get a 1* rating. If I am willing to take any potential hit with my rating can Uber do anything (or even count ratings from pax with different opinions) if I ask pax to sign an petition to amend the Illinois Constitution? I agree that an...
1-12 of 14 Results