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  1. Ratings
    I am a well seasoned Uber driver and the percentage of passengers that actually rate me is only 38% out 2634 rides. So I think that if they arrive to their destination still alive and nothing unexpected happened that should be 5 stars by default because the 4 Stars I'm getting and the occasional...
  2. Singapore
    Another round of cuts from uber. Minimum fare is $3.50!! LOL. Wow omg. So lucky i quit uber 2 months back. Now im riding uber cos its so freaking cheap2 good2 fast2. LOL
  3. London
    Hi, I'm looking to speak to Uber drivers in the UK about their experiences and personal thoughts of working for the company. These can be good or bad, as I'm looking to speak to a range of people over the phone about it. I will also need a headshot of you to accompany your piece if that is OK...
1-3 of 3 Results