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  1. Washington DC
    Yes I phrased that correctly. Patriots Game Meetup. The Redskins play the Patriots on their journey towards 0-16. There won't be any Redskins fans there. It's basically going to be Foxboro Stadium South, thus the "Patriots Game Meetup" not Redskins Game Meetup. Patriots have a good fanbase so...
  2. Washington DC
    Anyone have any interest in a Meetup at Golden Corral near FedEx Field Sunday? 4 Shuffles should cover food, 5 if you want to tip. Since it's a late game maybe 5:30-6? I'll definitely wear the Aikman jersey to trigger and troll Eagles fans.
  3. Washington DC
    We had mentioned at the Meetup doing a FedEx Field Shufflethon and Meetup tomorrow during the Redskins game. Golden Corral 1001 Shoppers Way Upper Marlboro, MD 20774 Aim for 2:30? Anyone still up for it? Food cost will be covered by 4-5 Shuffles.
1-3 of 3 Results