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  1. Chicago
    Someone stole over $700 from me. They must of hacked my account or something. Somebody made $700 in atm transactions while I was using my card regularly. I wasn’t even mad because I figured GoBank would give me my money back because even Ray Charles could see somebody got me. I can’t be at Taco...
  2. Los Angeles & Orange County
    So, after driving for UberEats for 4 months, I decided to add UberX and Select to my repertoire. Went to the Santa Ana Greenlight Hub and asked to add them to my account. "Oh no, you have to open a new account and reapply." So I did, passed the background check overnight, and the problems...
  3. Technology
    Ok, I just activated my uber card (I have not made trips yet) and set up my go bank. so, lets say I do one trip ok? and I earn some money. Will THAT money I just earned be deposited into my GO bank account, which allows me to use THAT money I earned from my uber debit card? And I can always...
  4. Chicago
    I signed up for GoCard along with my Uber application. I never used it because Instant Pay was more convenient. However I wonder if it can be a Plan B to get some of my weekend earnings. I'll have to look back to see where and when I can use it.
  5. Complaints
    Anyone else getting the spinning wheel of death when trying to activate this card? It's so purty but taking up space in my wallet if their site does not work.
  6. Denver
    Hey all, I just opened an Uber Debit Card account, and right after the Uber app said I was approved, I was taken to a page within the app that showed weekly earnings with little drop downs that allowed me to see detailed trip reports. It was a really cool page, and now I can't find it again...
  7. Advice
    OK, so let me preface this by saying I've only been driving for Uber about one month now and so far I've had an overly positive start to the whole venture. I've been very good about logging my miles, actual expenses, estimated depreciation and all of that. I recently signed up for the Debit Card...
  8. Advice
    I use the Uber "business debit" card issued by GoBank with the Visa logo. Generally I use it once or twice per day to instantly deposit my earnings. I avoid pushing the limit of 5 deposits per day. Today I tried to instantly deposit a small sum, under $100.00 after verifying that I hadn't done 5...
  9. Washington DC
    YouTube has a video of a man who can’t get his money back from green dot which is over GoBank (the Uber card). Somebody forwarded it to me literally as I was on the phone with green dot trying to get my missing $462.71. It mirrors my experience, they’re definitely holding cash and making it...
  10. Stories
    This is my first time posting on this site so I'll try to be as brief as possible. I've been using Uber gobank for around 5 months. I always see them advertising "go to Walmart if you ever need to load money onto your card". About a month-and-a-half ago that's exactly what I did. Walmart out in...
  11. New Jersey
    I tried last night to add the Uber Gobank debit card to Lyft payments so I can get express pay from Lyft into GoBank but kept getting an error saying "This card doesn't appear to be a debit card" . Tried with my Paypal debit and works fine.
  12. Advice
    Besides free cash outs, are there any other cool benefits for applying to their debit card?
  13. Las Vegas
    Is anyone having problems with GoBank? They keep charging me a $2.50 cash advance fee even though it's supposed to be free ATMs.
  14. Technology
    ive been trying to sign up with daily pay for months now and nothing is working. I don't see a daily pay option in my earning tab, home screen or anywhere online. I am signed up with daily pay because instant pay never showed up. I have a go bank card (not uber) linked to the daily pay...
  15. San Francisco
    I just started using the instant pay w/ GoBank. It's pretty cool and seems to be working out when I need to cash out right away. If you have tried it, what are your experiences? Good & BAD..
  16. Advice
    is anyone else's instant pay not working? It says pending on the uber website and gobank hasn't recieved it. I literally do this almost every day and it goes through instantly. Today I worked from 7am until right now because I needed the extra money. And of course it's not working :( anyone else?
  17. Complaints
    Don't use Instant Pay, and never bank with GoBank. I've had Instant Pay for less than a week and already my account has a block on it, and I'm getting a run-a-round on the phone and by e-mail. I encourage others to write to Uber and try to persuade them to maybe not scrap Instant Pay, just...
  18. Seattle
    Anyone out there using any of these? Heard nothing but post about Dailypay, and see some bad GoBank reviews on their Fbook... Just curious of anyone locals experience. Thanks!!
1-18 of 18 Results