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  1. Seattle
    These days are gone. What ya gonna do? Work it or wait and see? I might creep back out, Uber is sending me text messages daily. I got an idea of a strategy...
  2. Chicago
    I got a $20 cleanup fee for glitter left behind the Behind of a Harrah's Casino girl. Knowing that my lint roller doesn't work on glitter, I got a roll of wide mailing tape from Walgreens and spent 10-15 minutes stretching and dabbing. I shudder to think that this stuff made its way to other...
  3. Stories
    https://awkward.com/glitter-butts-are-the-new-summer-music-festival-look-that-will-irritate-you/ I'm not posting the pics because, well...they are butts covered in nothing but glitter. Instagram is a hotbed for creative new makeup styles, and from time to time, we here at Awkward like to...
  4. Advice
    For when Tinkerbell farts all over your seats after shots of Fireball and street hot dogs. http://www.kidspot.com.au/funzone/Stain-removal-How-to-remove-glitter-stains+5732+575+article.htm
1-4 of 4 Results