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  1. Technology
    Yet another bug/glitch further demonstrating that Uber isn't willing to pay for sufficient software testing resources: Instructions to go offline after trip ends is ignored. I'm still online and it's still calculating just how low my next offer will be or just how far away the next pickup will...
  2. Chicago
    . . . not really, but the little speedometer on my app was fluctuating. Wednesday night. It happened a few times in Addison, Carol Stream, West Chicago. 95, 65, 52 (I think those exact speeds and maybe others would flutter). This also sometimes happened at about the same time the nav screen...
  3. Technology
    This one really drives me insane! Tapping it does absolutely nothing. It's not actually a control. It's merely blue text that merely appears to have a job to do.
  4. Las Vegas
    I’ve seen this in a FB group in belong to. I just checked my app and it has the same message. I use the feature to turn off X and Pets so only “Connect” is active. I do this to keep a CTB active. If Lyft has a great streak, I can do the first qualifying one for Uber, turnoff X and Pets...
  5. Complaints
    I’ve been driving for Uber for over six years and making a comfortable living on it. Then suddenly last week I found I wasn’t getting any trips, and support told me it was because my background check has expired. I authorized its renewal weeks ago, and the order for it has now been submitted...
  6. Technology
    Has anyone experienced this before who can help me? Starting this past Saturday I get an error which tells me, "Your vehicle is not eligible in ${city}." It actually says ${city} rather than specifying my home market. I have a 2012 Ford Focus which I know is eligible. I have called the help...
  7. Complaints
    I don’t know if anyone else has had this issue, but my app was glitching and Uber logged it as my improper use of the app and suspended my instant pay and rescinded my bonus. I spoke to 4 different representatives and recorded the phone calls and they just kept opening cases and sending me...
  8. Lyft
    I keep "losing contact" with Lyft every 10-11 minutes, unless I am on a ride. Doesn't matter where I am. Anyone else?
  9. Chicago
    45 days ago it was very humid. I swam in Lake Michigan. It was light out well past 7 pm. Just minutes ago RIDER SIDE Uber just got around to some simple accounting from 45 days ago? And this is a "technology company"?
  10. Minneapolis
    I don't think there will be much competition for this one
  11. Lyft
    Is it just me? My Lyft pickups don't have a drive time any more. Well, the most recent 2 didn't, anyway.
  12. Advice
    So here is something interesting and odd at the same time, which has happened yesterday. It has me concerned on multiple points, but here is what happened: I have done over 400 rides in the last few months, and Uber’s service charge has never been above 20 some percent of the total fare paid...
  13. Sydney
    I noticed this lately that you can add a family member and pay for it on the uber user credit card without going through any prompts to declare if they are over 18. Set up your family Pay for your loved ones and get trip notifications. eg: a parent adding a child via email or mobile phone...
  14. Dallas
    I was just wondering if everyone else got those messages today, or if it was just me.
  15. Portland
    Today i went to a pick up. Dude was toes on the kerb. Yay! He asked if I was Jacob. Nope, sorry, not me. He is from Columbia, very broken English. I asked to see his app. He was waiting for Jacob in a Kia. He asked me who I was waiting for. Normally I would not reveal that, but I saw he has a...
  16. Technology
    Has anyone noticed that after updating your iPhone to iOS 11.3, Safari sometimes doesn’t respond when you tap a link on some websites...including uberpeople.net?
  17. Toronto (Ontario)
    Uber needs to fix this shit.... So I pick up a newly wed couple from their wedding three weeks ago from Lakeshore and Dufferin area around 1:30 am on Sat (club crowd is about to pour out of the clubs, and it's about to get busy downtown). They were going Yonge and King area....mid way the...
  18. Canberra
    This morning, I was at the Tuggeranong Town Centre. I turned on the rider app to see how many other drivers were in the area. The rider app suggested that I was at the South African High Commission in Yarralumla near Parliament House, some significant distance from where I in fact was. I turned...
  19. Lyft
    soo I've been doing more Lyft driving than Uber in the past month bc out of nowhere Lyft has been crazy busy.. and at least once a day I'm showing up to a trip and I call the person to let them know I'm outside and either they are already in another Lyft car OR there is another Lyft car there...
  20. Toronto (Ontario)
    Uber glitches at it again.
1-20 of 32 Results