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  1. Chicago
    1. Get pinged for a pool ride at 1.6x, accept. Drive to location, park. Get a text from the Store Manager, "Closing up, will be out soon." 2. While waiting, get notified of Additional Rider Automatically Added. Take a call from the rider giving a slight correction to their pickup location. 3...
  2. San Diego
    Every so often I see all of San Diego on a moderate surge. Is this just a glitch with my app? Anyone else see this and has anyone actually gotten a surge ride when the map looks like this.
  3. Miami
    Has anyone else noticed the glitches that happen with the surge maps here? Its very annoying! And the surges have been slow to adjust on the driver app as compared with the surge on the passenger app. Sometimes to the point that I have to go off then back online to get the screen to refresh...
  4. Dallas
    So there's a new method uber is using for surge areas. I'm super confused because just about a week ago I posted how uber changed its surge Boundraries. Well now it's implementing a new system similar to lyft. Now uber is tricking the shit out of drivers by hiding this from us, but I caugth up...
  5. Houston
    Uber's texts promoting am rush hour (5-9) had me curious so this morning I flipped on my app at 7:40 after I drop my lovely at school in the Galleria (St George's Place). I get 2 quick pings, both women. Luckily, the ice skating teacher texted me to say "Cheesecake Factory" which I am readily...
1-5 of 5 Results