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glitch? error?
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  1. Las Vegas
    Over the past 10 days, I’ve noticed that my app has been crashing (going offline on its own or I’m getting that message “Oops something went wrong”) as I send a message to the pax. Today, I got a ping after dropping off at T1 and got an error message. Another ping came in, I was connected, but...
  2. Las Vegas
    Went to go online and get messages as if my acct was brand new (driving for 3 years now). I wrote "support". I was told one of my docs expired (none had)
  3. Lyft
    Strange one last night just after midnight. I get a ping that is 10 minutes away. A little long for my tastes, but I'm coming home from a movie, and the Ping is near my house. I was going home anyway. I'm curious why the long ping, but maybe Monday night after midnight in a rainstorm means...
  4. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Anyone else unable to get online with Lyft due to poor network connectivity? I can get on with Uber, Postmates and Instacart but not w Lyft.
  5. New Jersey
    I accepted a ping that was suppose to be 5 mins and 1.8 miles away.....Then when I hit navigate it was really 12 mins and 5 miles away....I immediately cancelled just based off principle.....This has happened twice this week anyone else experience this??
1-5 of 5 Results