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  1. Boston
    Gillette was surging very high on Sunday night from 11:30pm to 1am anyone went and what was your experience? thx
  2. Boston
    Hello: I’m an Uber driver from Jersey looking to buy tickets for the upcoming Packers vs Patriots game on 11/4. Since April, the ticket prices have been no lower than $300. For the section I want, the tickets are near $800 each (when I went in 2010, the same tix were around $350). I know...
  3. Boston
    FYI, Just rec'd this email from Uber http://boston.ubermovement.com/gillette-stadium Gillette Stadium Pick-ups To help make pick-ups easier, we have a dedicated pick-up lot at Gillette Stadium. Please see the map below for where to go for pick-ups. There are a few things to know when picking...
  4. Boston
    Is there a designated pickup area for concerts? I cannot find this information anywhere; the website has a ton of FAQs basically saying unless you pay to park, you can't pick up.
1-4 of 4 Results