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  1. Houston
    Earned $300+ dollars last week from GetMe ambassador ride codes in Galveston. I seriously don't know how to spread the word on this, but when Uber isn't around people know how to refer folks to GetMe. You seriously don't have to Uber here. Drivers are giving themselves a pay cut. I did some...
  2. Houston
    whats new coupon code? Anyone anyone??
  3. Delivery
    Well folks, For anyone following the saga of GetMe and the GoGetters, it just got us. "...we've listened to (something....something)...and we're lowered our rates ! [to get the full effect, you have to read this in an excited voice, as if someone has just gave you an unopened present with a...
  4. Austin
    I don't know about you, but... in the few companies I have worked for, every time they said "partnership" meas that is been sold out part of the business...and when I see "LASH deliveries will be delivered by LASH drivers, not getme drivers. " I think we have sold our delivery part of the...
  5. Dallas
    I am just curious, who here drives UberX but not Lyft? What is the reasoning behind it? I picked up a Lyft pax last weekend and the guy claimed he drove UberX, but was taking his first Lyft ride because he had just learned about them. Obviously, I offered him my Driver Referral Code for Lyft...
  6. Advice
    Attached is a PDF of the spreadsheet I created. To view the spreadsheet, download it from dropbox (no other way to attach an Excel Spreadsheet from what I can see). Excel Spreadsheet: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tlz66l2o38nwyv3/TNC_RateComparison_v1.9.xlsx?dl=0 With the spreadsheet, manipulate...
  7. Houston
    Well, so finally finished this process after several attempted rounds to coordinate with MV and besides liking the driver rates w WHOLE LOT, I'm grasping for other things to feel similar about. Who's got some Getme experience to share please??
  8. Houston
    Just arrived for this GetMe appointment and I am not remotely impressed. For this office to be in the Galleria area, it is not up to standard. The soap dispenser in the STD infested women's bathroom is broken. One toilet doesn't flush and the lock in my stall didn't work. Oh! And the door was...
1-9 of 9 Results