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  1. Insurance
    My brother in law out in California just bought a rideshare. I checked their website and it doesn't say its available but he said they just started offering it so it may not be online yet. I'm gonna check back tomorrow and post back what I find. I know alot of people have been waiting on...
  2. Insurance
    Please share if you get any quotes, I'm just trying to see if I'm paying too much. My policy was about $40 more per month than what I was paying for regular insurance.
  3. Miami
    I just started driving for uber for 2 days and I just found out that personal insurance does not cover us and Florida is just one of unlucky states with no rideshare except for farmers insurance(not sure how high the prices are) on this thread...
  4. Advice
    Hello, I am new here. I searched the forums for various questions about my condition. I recently joined Uber this Wednesday. However, I was involved in an accident on Friday. I called up my insurance company, to file a claim and they asked me if I was using my car riding services like Uber and...
  5. Des Moines
    A previous thread was created Aug. 31 about potential issues with insurance for Iowa UberX drivers. No one responded, so I thought I would ask a similar question. I'm a relatively new Uber driver (I started in Aug., so I didn't suffer the 30% fare decrease, and for now I'm only driving part-time...
  6. Stories
    I was thinking of switching to MM, but heard you still have to go through Uber's policy. Is that true? I know a lot of people that had to file the claim with Uber and they have been very poor experiences. Anyone have an accident and used Geico's new rideshare policy? I only know one person. He...
1-6 of 6 Results