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  1. Stories
    This was a few months but I decided to share it anyway. Summer night, I get a ping around midnight, 6th avenue in midtown manhattan. I was on the wrong side of the avenue, the guy crossed over with suitcase and I got out and put the suitcase in the trunk, he hopped in, I appologized for being...
  2. Advice
    Fellow Ubertarians , I trust we are feeling Ubertastical. I'm so glad I found you all and it's great to part of this forum. I will get straight to the point. I Love Uber . It has given me my life back of which I was in car sales for 25 years . I make a very good living out of this lifestyle...
  3. Miami
    https://wiod.iheart.com/content/2018-04-04-miami-beach-pide-week-heats-up-tonight/ Events throughout the weekend include: Thursday night's PAMM Free Community Night: PRIDE Friday's Pride Event VIP Gala at the Faena Forum Friday's Basement Pride Kick Off Party Saturday's Beach Party Festival...
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1-5 of 6 Results