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  1. San Francisco
    With Prop 22 on everyone's mind, here's something to think about: What is your current cost per mile when you consider car payment (rental, lease or loan), gas, and maintenance? With gas at $3.00-plus per gallon, if your car gets 30mpg you're already paying at least 10¢ per mile ($3.00/gal ÷ 30...
  2. News
    https://www.thedrive.com/news/32607/plummeting-gas-prices-might-see-return-of-0-99-per-gallon-in-us International travel restrictions and home quarantines have slashed demand for gasoline and other petroleum products worldwide, and accordingly, its price has sagged under the weight of supply...
  3. Minneapolis
    Check out this gas price.. and my MPG ubering :) 272 miles costed me around $13.00
  4. Chicago
    $1.63 per gallon Speedway, 143rd St and & Lemont Rd
  5. New Jersey
    While gas prices have been steadily rising, Uber rates have stayed the same. It's also useful to note that Uber rates across the country have no correlation to gas prices.
  6. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Link to Vox article: Hurricane Harvey is a humanitarian disaster. It will also send gas prices soaring.
  7. Atlanta
    Uber needs to adjust Fares according to Gas Price hike. All my pickups were 15 min to 17 min away. I am not driving 15min for free to pick them up. Uber needs to add Pick Up distance to the equation.
  8. Washington DC
    Hope our gas, isn't grass: "'a leak has caused the closure of a crucial pipeline that carries gasoline to the eastern United States''. Forum won't let me post link but find CNN story by googling ''East Coast faces gas shortages, price hikes after pipeline leak''.
  9. New Jersey
    N.J. lawmakers introduce 23 cent increase in gas tax. You have to be crazy to drive now!
  10. News
    Price of oil is having an affect on the price of gas. How has this helped you in your area driving for Uber or Lyft? What prices are you currently seeing....Share your pictures... Pictured here, is just one gas station that has steadily been dropping their prices.... Fort Collins, CO...
  11. Complaints
    The gas in around $1.59 here in new Jersey..Question is will you still drive when the gas goes up to $4.00 per gallon?
  12. Indianapolis
    Very curious to see an Uber driver’s response to a project we are involved in. I would like to talk to a driver or two and see if there is any interest before more more discussions. Our company makes an alternative fuel for government and private fleets for 1.69 a gallon here in central Indiana...
1-13 of 14 Results