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  1. Seattle
    Shell has higher prices in this area than many other gas-station brands, so the 5 cents/gallon discount may not be cost-effective. Do you recommend getting this card? https://help.lyft.com/hc/en-us/articles/115013077528-Shell-Fuel-Rewards
  2. Complaints
    Ok...well I found out the hard way... Uber has changed it's gas card policy... Apparently they have instituted... A 100 trip minimum monthly... To use the Uber gas card... Said in the past they waived it... Butt... Now for some reason... They cracked down on us... Good time to make...
  3. Vehicles
    Has/does anyone use Gas Buddy to save on gas? It looks like you 15 cents/gal off your first fill and then a minimum of 5 cents after.. Has it been easy to use? What do you think? I know Uber has a card, but I haven't heard great things about it.
  4. Philadelphia
    I do not have the Uber gas card and was wandering if there are any incentives to using the Uber gas card,as apose to just using your own cash or bank card, to be worth getting it. If anyone has any input on it, let me know, thanks.
  5. Complaints
    Hey there, I am currently doing research to find out what Uber's biggest problems are regarding gas. This research will help in the implementation of an infrastructure that will help Uber drivers not have to worry as much about spending an excessive amount of money on gas per week. I would...
  6. Pittsburgh
    Has anyone found a Pittsburgh area gas station that gives a decent discount for using the Uber gas card? My local Sunoco used to give a discount but it stopped. GetGo and Sheets don't show any discount. Suggestions?
  7. Huntsville
    I got the uber gas card about a month ago. Yesterday I bought gas with my personal debit card, the one I have linked for my direct deposit, and noticed on my earnings page where they deducted it from my earnings as if I had used the uber card. I went back and looked some more and its...
  8. Complaints
    So I started the week with -$30 on my gas card for a simple miscalculation. I get pings left and right until I made it past $30 by 28 cents and now 40 minutes no pings. And that's what's going on. Uber will make sure you pay them back first and then **** you.
  9. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Hello Fellow Uber Drivers! I just got my gas card in the mail. And to my surprise it states 10 cents per gallon cheaper. But when I read it online, it said 15 :( Anyways, I'm curious if you guys use the gas card. I don't really see the point. I can use my debit card at Arco and get gas for...
  10. Advice
    I just received my gas card. Any reason the gas pump asks for the odometer? Thanks!
1-10 of 10 Results