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  1. Vehicles
    Has/does anyone use Gas Buddy to save on gas? It looks like you 15 cents/gal off your first fill and then a minimum of 5 cents after.. Has it been easy to use? What do you think? I know Uber has a card, but I haven't heard great things about it.
  2. Columbus
    Don't get me started on the mess 'they' have done with the credit card repays, my issue is on the driver app there is a note "Partner Fuel Card Charges" - it's been there for days. There is a link at the bottom, "view charges" that has never worked! (Hmmm... Looks like we're having trouble...
  3. Huntsville
    I got the uber gas card about a month ago. Yesterday I bought gas with my personal debit card, the one I have linked for my direct deposit, and noticed on my earnings page where they deducted it from my earnings as if I had used the uber card. I went back and looked some more and its...
  4. Complaints
    I'm not a new driver I've done over 7000 rides over the past year. The day the bridge collapsed I get email telling me uber is going to take $80 for gas card charges missed from Feb. First off I keep track of my charges so I KNOW I DONT OWE ANYTHING FROM FEB. SAT. MORNING I SEE THAT THEYVE TAKEN...
1-4 of 4 Results