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  1. Advice
    Is driving Uber/Lyft addictive? I’m a gambler. My game is Video Poker. I’m not a degenerate but I gamble more often than I should. I find that driving Uber seems to hit the same part of my brain that gambling does. Between my day job and driving Uber on weekends, I haven’t had a day off in...
  2. New Jersey
    Let's talk Atlantic City. Any of you uber people have any experience there? I've been doing this two weeks part time and I am pretty surprised. Did very well my first Saturday night. Drove 4 hours made about $200. That's close to $50 and hour. Unreal money considering the fact you aren't...
  3. Advice
    Ok.. this is a silly conspiracy theory. But I felt that I should mention it for fun. If you notice, under your Boost Details, you see the following message: "You won't be able to use Instant Pay to cash out Boost payments" Conspiracy Theory: The reason why you can't get the payment right away...
1-3 of 3 Results