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  1. Articles
    FOR SALE, LIMITED TIME ONLY! AUTHENTIC SERVICE ANIMAL VESTS, FOR SALE!! Attention Uber and Lyft passengers! For a limited time, we now have Service Animal vests for sale! These vests are either hand made or machine made by fine women and children in SE Asia and/or the Middle East. They will...
  2. Chicago
    Fun couple from River North to South Loop. When riders call out a jackass driver on your behalf (privately), you know it's gonna be a good ride. Lady sang along to my Earth Wind & Fire music (lead singer has a high falsetto voice). I told the gent, "Wow, Ken, you're a good singer." That cracked...
  3. News
    Article by Metro, author Georgia Diebelius Don't you just hate it when you get into an Uber and the driver's musical tastes are the complete opposite of yours? Yes, we do too. But if you're jumping into an Uber with driver TJ Jones, this is not a problem you will face. Why, you ask? Because...
  4. New York City
    Would you guys put this frame on your back plates, for whose who start honking the millisecond after traffic light becomes green? :D
  5. London
    Second guy is hilarious! Made me laughing at laud.
  6. Sydney
    If you are incredibly horny, just post one word (any one word).
  7. Lyft
    Please vote in the Poll. Has anybody ever done this? If so, still continue today? If a consumer is looking for a friendly ride with social interaction, then Lyft is the company to choose. Lyft riders are encourage to sit in the front seat, interact with the driver, and basically have a very...
  8. Stories
    Hey guys, I'm thinking of planning an Uber Driver event in my city probably for a get together and have fun! It'll be awesome if you guys could help out and vote what events you guys would prefer! Cheers guys, THIS IS GOING TO BE AWESOME, have to close this after in a couple hours...
  9. Chicago
    Looks like Google is turning the world streets into pacman this weekend for April Fools. Great way to kill te this weekend.
  10. San Francisco
    Have you ever check them? I'm having sort of insomnia and I start killing time. Let's post some fun stuff here This is so funny to read Oh maybe that's my cat fight story? Two issues review is typical uber pax!! No one owes you Sh1t u stupid **** Another troll crying about wear and tear of...
  11. Stories
    So I find I like to have a little fun with PAX. Especially those who ask if I have a "Real Job". My spiel starts like this: No, my family is from old money. I started doing this as something to do to get out of the house more, then I realized I get a lot out of keeping 100 drinkers from...
  12. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Ok everyone, lets be safe out there. Tomorrow officially starts the maddness. Keep your doors locked, fist ready and equalizers in tow. But most of all, stay safe. Lets see each others smiling faces on Monday. As SUMMER is about to kick into full gear, what are your goals, plans, and...
  13. Las Vegas
    Songs, Friends in Low Places- Garth Brooks Who Can it Be Now- Men at Work Running with the Devil- Van Halen Movies, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly Psycho Casino TV Shows, The Twilight Zone Freaks and Geeks Lost
  14. Dallas
    I started tipping all my pax so they know how much we care. It went well. One lady didn't have change for a $20 so I gave her a $20 tip for being such a baDass .5 mile pax. She was thrilled and even asked if she could have a water. What a great pax I hope to break even tomorrow after all my...
  15. Toronto (Ontario)
    I am a new driver. Every time I drive Uber I feel like I am in a video game(GTA) . Does anyone else feels like that?
  16. Canberra
    Anyone else signed up to do the Australia Day UberUmpire and the Red Cross clothing collection activities? I love doing this stuff, will post some post activity reports and pics later!
  17. Introductions
    Hi, my name's mike, just got cleared to drive, super psyched! can't wait, hope it's entertaining somewhat...I am sure it has it's moments in the sun and in the mud, that's life. Some days you draw the short straw, others find you poolside at the Ritz. Hope to see some of you out there! later...
  18. New Jersey
    This will be for all of us uber/lyft drivers here in the jersey area to post their highest fare they ever had How much $ When From/to Surge or not Wheater condition if you remember No names needed just to help each other out to push some more and try to get that really long fare at the highest...
1-18 of 20 Results