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  1. Advice
    Please vote in the poll. How many of you have driven a friend/acquaintance who compensates you on a trip, agreed to in advance, without running the Uber App? It's a win-win! The rider may pay less than ordering a regular Uber. The driver earns more without paying the 25% Uber cut. You both...
  2. Dallas
    Can you show a friend what it's like if they ride with you on a couple of fares
  3. Vehicles
    Hi my name is Branden and i was recently working with uber up until a week ago I got into an accident that damaged my car to the point that I cant drive for uber. Uber was my only source of income and transportation for my family. I'm unable to drive with the current damage to the car. I was cut...
  4. Introductions
    I have recently started a company called driend which is the first ever friend based ride service. I am not here to promote but rather to learn from drivers so that I can fine tune our concept.
1-4 of 4 Results