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  1. Los Angeles & Orange County
    This guy!!! I heard this morning was really good. DID you all survive the heat?! Any Coachella drives???!!! Hope all is well... check in with progress through the night... From the chicken. P.S. working out, got me on this whole new hey life's great, let me me love you endorphins...
  2. Chicago
    Anyone have network issues last night? I got one ping for a $3 ride in the West suburbs, 5 minutes later accepted another ping and it immediately said network error occurred and then I was online for 2 hours after that with nothing so I gave up and put on my pajamas instead. Just trying to...
  3. New York City
    MUST be a lady or gentleman and super-cool. MUST be discrete and maintain privacy - upscale (and sometimes famous) riders. 5AM Friday night pickup Lower East Side, make 4 stops in Downtown Brooklyn. $50 cash for less than 1 hour of driving. Respectful riders. Details below.
  4. Minneapolis
    I'm a new driver and only going to be mainly working Friday and Saturday evening/night. Will probably work Wilds games when they start up. I would like to know the areas to go to and times to maximize my earning potential as much as I can on those nights. Any help would be appreciated.... Thank you
  5. Washington DC
    Gone are the days a friday would earn a decent amount now its like you can barely cross 100 alone 50 starting in the burbs and hoping someone goes to dc and the filter is hit or miss so seems likes its time to throw in the towel
  6. Los Angeles & Orange County
    I thought I was having a good night, but I couldn't tell since the Uber Driver App was not working as it should since 4PM. When I drive, I do so with a daily goal in mind, but after 5PM and migrating between the airport over to work the Irvine Spectrum which was hot-hot last night with its...
1-6 of 6 Results