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  1. San Diego
    Seeing trip destinations = no more shorties between downtown bars. Seeing surge multiplayer = no more flat rate. Im excited and upbeat about what this first Friday night will bring. While I don’t expect any glory days of unicorns...the additional $$$ will be satisfactory.
  2. Chicago
    While this driver was out and painting the town red (or your favorite color as I'd like to say), requesting XL or plus rides from bar to bar, I saw this gem last night. Or this morning. Some people really do take their ride share business seriously. Along with their love of sports teams...
  3. Portland
    Last night was actually a busy enough night, I am pleasantly surprised! Even moreso since there were no blockbuster events going on except the Blazer game. No surge rides. :( but my ride count was like 37 or 38 in 12 hours, made about $300 after gas expense. Now if every day could be at this...
  4. Home Counties
    Hi, Usually i work in Birmingham, but i am down in Oxford over the bank holiday visiting family. What is Uber like in Oxford. If i did a few hours say Friday night would it be a nice earner or is Oxford (and surrounding areas) a dead area.
1-4 of 5 Results