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  1. Denver
    Anyone run into the scam where "Uber Technologies" calls you to say the rider you're about to pick up is fraudulent and you won't be paid? This is definitely a scam.
  2. New Jersey
    On Monday I got a ping into Lakewood, about 7 minutes away. I was going past there anyhow so I accepted. At the pickup, I found 2 pimply faced examples of the flower of Lakewood youth. I asked them and both were under 18. I declined the ride. I must be the only driver that does decline rides...
  3. Taxes
    A reply to a recent post in the Advice forum about multiple-hour-long trips suggested that bogus use of somebody's credit card would be on the contractor . . . weather this is true or un-true (for us), I'm curious if such an event would have a line-item in my schedule C (or some other form)...
1-3 of 3 Results