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  1. San Francisco
    Careful at this address, there’s a City social worker who calls X from an art studio in there, when it should be Assist. Some snot comes out and expects you to wheel morbidly obese, mentally handicapped pax to your car, load them in, fold the wheel chair, stash it and look after their patient...
  2. San Francisco
    Someone will post another awesome, amazing earnings summary, keeping the SF forum up there alongside the latest World Cup 1-0 result for absorbing entertainment. Where are my old Stormy Daniels tapes.
  3. San Francisco
    Thousands are expected to take to the streets around the Bay Area Saturday for the first ever March for Our Lives demonstration. The basics: It's set to kick off at 1 p.m. Saturday with a rally at Civic Center Plaza. There's a march planned to follow the rally, but the route isn't set yet.
  4. Complaints
    We've had the new phone support in SF for the last few weeks, which was actually decent, and meant not having to wade thru boilerplate emails about some other issue altogether from a succession of online support monkeys. Phone support was working yesterday, the phone icon is still there in the...
1-4 of 4 Results