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  1. Lyft
    Hi Drivers, We launched our new app called BOUNTE in the app stores. We think we have a cool app for you which can make you some extra money while helping people find their lost items. Someone loses a wallet, watch or Beats headphones. They post it on our app. We send out notifications to...
  2. Stories
    Rider was up all night with her karate instructer, and she was dizzy as f**k. As I was pulling out, he ran out the door with her purse to give it to her, because she was so disoriented. I'm glad I knew where she was an hour later, but her daughter answered the door, so she says her mom is...
  3. Stories
    First I reported the phone to Uber, and offered to drop it off at a package carrier if the pax sends me postage paid shipping via email. His well to do girlfriend calls the phone and I answer, then we worked out the details. I dropped the phone off at FedEx Office store with the email. I then...
1-3 of 3 Results