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  1. Fort Myers & Naples
    I am moving back to Fort Myers area after 4 years..Probably lot of things have changed since I left...I will probably do uber as a hobby....anyone have any bad experiences so far?
  2. Fort Myers & Naples
    I'll be riding Uber for the first time on Thursday because I need a ride to the airport. I heard about price surges and such for Uber and I really don't want to pay a fortune to go to the airport. I'm riding Uber rather than paying to leave my car at the airport all weekend so I'm hoping to save...
  3. Advice
    Fellow Uber DRIVERS, WORDS - BEST TOOL TO DEFUSE DIFFICULT PASSENGER - NOT FORCE In the close confines of a car, with any type of protection item (mace, pepper spray, stun gun) you risk the perpetrator taking the protection device using it on you the driver. Not to mention the over spray on...
  4. Miami
    A final vote to approve Uber and other ride-sharing services won't take place until Oct. 13. By Brittany Wallman South Florida Sun-Sentinel After spending a year fashioning tough regulations for ride-booking service Uber, Broward County Commissioners unraveled the new rules Thursday evening...