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  1. Stories
    Ha! Twice now I've picked up international university students (2 different continents) and they wore orange pants. I've never known any American dude (of any race/ethnicity) to do that. I just find it amusing.
  2. London
    Hi to everyone this is Damiano and I'm a new memeber here. I applied to uber ignition 2 month ago, I did everything well step by step ( uk license, dbs, medical check) I'm Italian so they asked me to bring a certificate of good conduct from Italy and translated in English and the form 205 for...
  3. Ratings
    From personal experience. I am from Middle East, when I first started driving, I used my actual name which is in Arabic. By the end of 6 or 7th month, my ratings were down to 4.71, back then I even used to offer free water bottles to paxs. Later, I changed my name in Uber app. I used an...
1-3 of 3 Results