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  1. Surge
    Hello south Florida drivers. Anyone notice lately since January 2nd that there haven’t been many surges??? I’m experiencing this constantly. Friday and Saturday nights no surges in Miami Beach!!! Which is not normal. Saturday and Sunday are huge cruise ship arrivals at Port Everglades and...
  2. Vehicles
    Hey guys! I’m planning to get Suburban to start doing SUV. How it is in south Florida? Miami area. I’m new in this industry, any advice? Thanks!
  3. Miami
    New to miami area. Where do i wait for rides in mia and fll airport? Wheres the lot? Thanks
  4. Miami
    so about a week now FLL has had a lower QUE highest I have seen is about 108, new normal is about 65. But two weeks ago 108 would go down super fast compare to smaller QUE now. Also how many times it was at 180 or 200. It's like the number doesn't reflex a real count of cars waiting.
  5. West Palm Beach
    I went and tried one airport pickup, but, the pax did not answer and also I was not sure the pickup location. Is it at the arrival passenger pickup section or the arrival commercial section?
  6. Miami
    Everything that going on with the FLL airport is complete mess, starting from QUEUE and finishing with picking up a people, which is confused where the **** is commercial vehicles pick up area. The first thin tell me where you are waiting for the ping? Most of the people including myself do it...
1-6 of 6 Results