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  1. Flex
    Morning, I didn' find any info, even on flex support how to enter German postcode properly, when starting to deliver after registration. When I enter my German postcode without DE- it drops me in US, when with DE it pops up an error 🤔 anyone here from Germany?
  2. Articles
    Been thinking about doing delivery instead of X driving? Try and picture this: No more unaccompanied minors. No more car seats. No more false accusations. No more drunks. No more aux cord requests. No more Taco Bell requests. No more service animals. Just food, or packages. Sounds amazing...
  3. Sydney
    1) I was so glad DiDi was here and from the few days I did, there seemed to be a reasonable pick up in the work. Unfortunately, my wife and family put their foot down on me having other people in the car, and then coming home. 2) Somebody, somewhere on the forums mentioned Blu Couriers. I’ve...
  4. Flex
    Is anyone else noticing there are literally NO blocks being posted for available hours? I’ve been checking all week and nothing is popping up. I’ve even switched my vehicles from standard to large and nothing. I emailed support and they said it shows I’m still active. Anyone else experiencing...
  5. Flex
  6. Flex
    New here. Is there anyone who is able to deliver for Amazon Flex full time in the Chicago-Lisle area? Is it possible??
  7. Flex
    Hello noticed now a cap of 28-30 hrs a Week used to be 40 hrs a week ... the weirdest thing is that its only in few markets. Orlando, Houston so far.. Are you a full time Amazon Flex Driver ? What's the max Hr per week are you doing ? Thanks Regards
  8. Flex
    I am thinking of signing up for Flex but want to know if there are any discounts on Amazon com or other Amazon products for drivers in LA
  9. Flex
    I was attempting to sign up for Amazon Flex here in Jax, but I am told by the “Get Started” site that there are no openings or opportunities in my area (Jacksonville), and that I have to get on a waiting list, yet there are Jax drivers actively participating in the Flex forums talkinf about...
  10. Dayton
    So I signed up for Amazon Flex in Dayton but haven't seen any offers after clicking a bunch. I suspect that the warehouse is not officially opened yet. Has anyone else signed up for Flex in Dayton and, if so, have you gotten any offers? Two questions: 1) Is Flex live in Dayton, Ohio and 2) Out...
  11. Las Vegas
    https://miami.cbslocal.com/2018/06/28/got-10k-amazon-wants-you-to-start-business-to-deliver-its-packages/ MIAMI (CNN) - If you have $10,000 and want to be your own boss, Amazon has a deal for you. Starting Thursday, you can apply to start your very own small business, delivering Amazon Prime...
  12. Flex
    Anyone else in the ATL having issues finding blocks on a consistent basis? I started delivering at the beginning of May, and that first Friday I received 2 reserved blocks for the following week. I accepted both. Since then I’ve not seen any reserved blocks. I have, however, been able to find a...
  13. Flex
    When no one is home and there isn't a spot with a roof to leave the package, which is more important: Dry packages? Or your success rate? Toady I chose the latter when I saw a UPS package was already sitting there soaked.
  14. Build a community in...
    Does anyone know if flex is in eugene?
  15. Flex
    Starting Friday, March 9th, I no longer see any offers, even taken offers momentarily, for Logistics (packages). I am still seeing fresh offers. I'm wondering if there is truth to the rumor I've heard about a metric that can put you on different tiers for receiving offers. For example no more...
  16. Flex
    Hey Guys, New to this forum. I currently live in Orange County and have waited forever for Flex to notify me if there become available positions (Orange County doesn't show up on the list of places to deliver). Apparently they must have too many people in this area. Well I went back on the app...
  17. Flex
    Hi all, My first post here, after doing Amazon Prime Now for about a few months. I was on and off because I'm a full time college student and I work UberEATS, Postmates etc and have picked up Amazon. I have not worked during the academic quarter but it seems that it's much harder to catch...
  18. Flex
    With previous versions of the for Android there has ALWAYS been the option to either send usage statistic or not send to Amazon. I was just looking around the other day and I do not see that option there no longer. Have they moved it? If anyone can find please let me know. However, Im thinking...
  19. Flex
    I made the mistake of taking a night time block of hours to make my first deliveries...I had 3 hours to deliver 15 packages to 12 stops over a 10 mile radius...no sweat right? I'm driving for logistics, if it matters any. Wrong... I get to the warehouse ON TIME and check in, but I didn't leave...
  20. Flex
    They used to do it between 6 and 9 something 10 but last week I didn’t see nothing and today was the same some help will be appreciate
1-20 of 58 Results