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  1. Technology
    Hi. I have Uber Fleet and a few cars with my drivers. The problem is that I can't look after them properly. I don't know whether the driver is using my car and gas for my money to perform rides from the company account, or he is just launching his own account every 3 rides (or even launching...
  2. New Jersey
    Does anyone know of any rideshare or delivery-based fleet owners in Jersey that I can work for?
  3. Denver
    I just moved here and was wondering if there are any rideshare or delivery fleet owners located in Denver that I can work for?
  4. Los Angeles & Orange County
    Please good ones only, want to stay away from the shady guys. Thanks!:)
  5. New York City
    Hello I have a few questions for private Fleet owners 1) What are your requirements for drivers that use your vehicle ? 2) What is your pay schedule for drivers renting your cars? 3) What are your rules with your vehicle's, such as how do you pay for your tolls that accumulate during rides...
  6. New York City
    I’m looking to start purchasing cheap and possibly salvaged cars from the auction to rebuild and plate. Once DMV and TLC worthy, I’m planning on renting the vehicles out and am looking for guidance. Q - what is the oldest model year that will satisfy both TLC and Uber requirements? I...
  7. New York City
    How and where do I find Uber fleet owners for UberX? Is there a directory or link somewhere? Are all fleets managed by big dealerships (Buggy, American Lease, Fast Track Leasing, Tower Auto Mall) or can I find independent owners?
  8. San Diego
    Hello, I just recently signed up to be an Uber Black driver about a week or two ago (background check already cleared) and am in need of a fleet owner. I was wondering if anyone on here is a fleet owner of Uber Black vehicles and has vehicles to rent out? Or does anyone know of someone that...
  9. Advice
    Helo, I was hoping to get some help. Does anyone know a fleet owner I could get in touch with for driving? Or has experience with the fleets? Thank you
  10. Tampa
    I'm thinking about buying a few brand new cars and putting drivers in them. I'll start with just 1 car of coarse and see how that goes. I was thinking about approaching a few taxi drivers and see what they thought about driving a brand new car that gets 37/56 city/highway gas mileage for $60 a...
  11. New York City
    Thanks for looking so I just met with uber got approved and want to get a few cars probably toyota camrys 2015 make them TLC and rent them out to uber drivers. ( I will not be driving ) I already opened up a corporation for this and I wanted to know what you guys thought any advice you guys...
  12. Jacksonville
    Just in: 2015 Lincoln MKT Towncar AWD Like new, extremely clean. Low miles, LOW PRICE! Fully Loaded. Call Patricia at 904-382-7561. Miles:7700 Exterior: Black Interior: Black Certified Pre-owned, warranty, FREE maintenance and MORE! NOTE: This vehicle not available to public yet but will be...
  13. Technology
    I am doing some ground work on a new software development and wanted to get a feel for what demand there might be for software to help those that use Uber in a fleet scenario. Are there enough fleets operating in Uber to warrant custom made software for fleet management. Is there any...
1-13 of 13 Results