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fleet owners
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  1. Technology
    Hi. I have Uber Fleet and a few cars with my drivers. The problem is that I can't look after them properly. I don't know whether the driver is using my car and gas for my money to perform rides from the company account, or he is just launching his own account every 3 rides (or even launching...
  2. Denver
    I just moved here and was wondering if there are any rideshare or delivery fleet owners located in Denver that I can work for?
  3. San Diego
    Any of you guys here or know someone who is a fleet owner? Pm please. Thanks
  4. New York City
    How and where do I find Uber fleet owners for UberX? Is there a directory or link somewhere? Are all fleets managed by big dealerships (Buggy, American Lease, Fast Track Leasing, Tower Auto Mall) or can I find independent owners?
  5. San Diego
    Hello, I just recently signed up to be an Uber Black driver about a week or two ago (background check already cleared) and am in need of a fleet owner. I was wondering if anyone on here is a fleet owner of Uber Black vehicles and has vehicles to rent out? Or does anyone know of someone that...
1-5 of 5 Results