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  1. Portland
    Must be a Monday, just got a flat tire. Coming off the freeway, 33rd ave exit, BAM randomly hit a pothole the wrong way with a back tire. Called the tire shop, they have a replacement ready for me, yay! But there are about 3 hours of people ahead of me. Guess I'm done for the day. Sigh.
  2. Buffalo & Rochester
    Caught a flat after picking a pax up she was pretty understanding, pax was headed to work 8 a.m by airport I played it cool though noticed a sudden drop in pressure luckily the gas station was up the street grabbed some air and hauled ass to drop off pax. Was able to find a place to plug tire...
  3. Washington DC
    Sooo the inevitable happen got a damn flat anyone know any good places in the DMV who are open for a reliable tire or patch thats open??
  4. Sydney
    Hi everyone, We are preparing to launch a new iOS app in Sydney that connects unlucky drivers with flat car batteries or tyres to quickly find other drivers in the local area that can jump start batteries or help change a flat tyre. Please register your interest for Jumpyy at...
  5. Dallas
    Its just on the NTTA network of roadways; but I never realized the service was available until I read the insert with my new Tolltags: https://www.ntta.org/newsresources/safeinfo/roadwayservice/Pages/default.aspx Also, Referral service is available from the State of Texas per the number on the...
  6. Washington DC
    I almost never buy cars this big. I've only ever owned two door little cars so now I'm driving this (bigger than I'm used to) Uber car and I always hit a curb when I'm turning, and no matter how soft I hit it, it's like someone stabbed one of my tires with a knife! So here I am, just getting...
  7. Washington DC
    I picked up a passenger and about 10 minutes into the ride I got a flat tire. I told him that we needed to end the ride. He was asking about canceling it but I told him that I didn't know how and to and to contact Uber. I also kind of mentioned that I still brought him this far. While I was...
1-7 of 7 Results