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  1. Canberra
    Sometimes riders ask their drivers why the flag at Parliament House is at half mast on a particular day. The answer for Thursday 7 February 2019 is that it's the tenth ANNIVERSARY OF THE 2009 VICTORIAN BUSH FIRES. Flags throughout Victoria are being flown at half-mast on Thursday, 7 February...
  2. Lyft
    1. Wait time. If it takes over 5 minutes to drive to pax why should pax be extended courtesy of 5 min wait time at drivers expense . Very generous of lyft at your expense. Pax should get ETA and told when to be ready with the wait time folded into drivers travel time. Extending 5 min wait time...
  3. Lyft
    So I don't drive Lyft very much and I just got my 1st two flags. Ouch. Especially cause most of my Lyft pax have been groups of international students in my small town for the Summer. /Start sarcasm The cleanliness one bothers me. Everyone is amazed at how clean my car is. The nav one can go...
1-3 of 3 Results