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  1. Complaints
    So after a year of taking off from rideshare (my personal choice) I had the wonderful privilege of having to upload all documents and go through a background check to get reactivated. I finally got reactivated so I decided to go out for a bit to get back into it and see what has changed. I drove...
  2. Fort Myers & Naples
    Driver app acting up, won’t update the map, won’t show surge, or even update queue number at airports. App force closes on its own, and causing you to miss out of great drives. This is affecting both iOS and Android devices. Not everyone is experiencing this, but quite a few are. UBER is...
  3. News
    http://www.ozy.com/pov/one-way-to-fix-uber-let-drivers-become-owners/80025 One Way to Fix Uber: Let Drivers Become Owners August 4 2017 By Corey Rosen Why you should care Because the ride-share app needs to innovate how it treats its employees. The author is the founder of the National Center...
1-3 of 3 Results