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  1. Canberra
    I have found that for the last few days the five-star rating counter in the driver app hasn't been updating. Have you also experienced this? I have encountered this glitch previously and it's eventually put right.
  2. Tulsa
    I can give perfect rides all day long and no ratings. One minor error like a rider misplaced a pin and you can bet you'll get a non 5 star rating. Seems riders who give negative ratings are more motivated then those who would likely hand out a five star. Maybe some ki d of incentive to...
  3. Toronto (Ontario)
    Every time you get a highly rated or (5*) passenger, drivers should ask them 'how long have they been using Uber?' If they are new, I give them a promo code for a free first ride and educate them on tipping be telling them tips are not included. This prompts them to often reciprocate with a...
  4. Stories
    After one year of driving for Uber and investing 10K in a car I realized that working as a packer is nothing different from driving for Uber. However, with the packaging job you don't have to invest 10k in a car and see it depreciates like crazy with Uber. You don't have to invest 10k to get a...
  5. Ratings
    I'm only 6 months into this Uber ordeal, and I also know Team Travis could give a flying rat about what pax ratings are (but God forbid we 4.6, or else, banhammer!). Still, I think rating the pax is a benefit to fellow drivers (except the noobs - they'll accept Hitler if it means keeping their...
1-5 of 5 Results