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    https://qz.com/1285915/everything-is-changing-at-uber-except-its-ability-to-burn-huge-sums-of-cash/amp/ Everything is changing at Uber, except its ability to burn huge sums of cash Uber is still a privately held company, but it's acting more and more like a public one. The ride-hailing giant...
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    http://m.ndtv.com/delhi-news/bmw-driven-at-120-per-hour-kills-uber-driver-on-first-day-of-job-1652085 BMW Driven At 120 Kmph Kills Uber Driver On First Day Of Job. A young executive working for a multi-national company was driving his BMW at 120 km per hour in Delhi when he crashed into an Uber...
  4. London
    Well after much waiting mainly for my DBS check (typical) I went out last night for a taster and within minutes I had a lovely run out to Ascot from Teddington. Riders were great all went smoothly and several long runs (15 miles +) I originally told the better half I would give it a couple of...
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    Want to make sure I get 5 stars from every single rider. Thinking about using a 10 year old Prius with 277,000 miles. Dressing in Jeans and a Polo shirt with tennies and a baseball hat. Need to smoke a cigarette once in awhile figure since it's a rideshare ok to do it in my car. Want to drive...
1-5 of 5 Results