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  1. Houston
    So I'm retired and thought driving for Uber/Lyft would be cool....so I'm watching some Youtubers tell me all about driving and there's a "link" to sign up for Uber and get a "bonus"....naive as I was I click and go through the motions of signing up...little did I know the default class is...
  2. Kansas City
    Today was my first day driving with Uber and Lyft. All said and done I worked about 7 hours and made just a little over $100. I had a pretty good experience and will definitely do it again. I appreciate any newbie advice you can offer.
  3. San Francisco
    I just finished my first drop off , how ever right after I dropped him off I got a notification from Uber not letting me drive since I’m under review but I was cleared to drive obiously Idk what to do since I have a rental
  4. Advice
    I have a few questions. I am not in a huge metropolitan area first of all, so ATL & L.A. drivers, please understand that your opinions may not apply the same way others' would. Not discounting your experience, just itso practical application to my situation. Question 1: Distance vs. Quantity...
  5. Inland Empire & Riverside County
    Got approved yesterday so went online today to 'test it out' .. Did a total of 4 runs plus one cancellation.. 2 were the same person going to, then back home from Chaffey College.. A loser and his GF getting a ride to the grocery store and wanting me to wait (told them to request a new ride.. I...
  6. Philadelphia
    So today was my 1st day on the road. And I must of gotten lucky. Made only 5 trips today, only a total of 2.1 dead miles. Made a total of $103 (my cut) as well as $20 in tips.
  7. Introductions
    I am so glad someone (a lady Lyft driver) referred this site to me as I've been searching for one since day one I joined Uber in LA. Anyways, today is my first day in this site, & I've been driving for UberX in LA for almost a year now. I guess this is all I can say as of now. Thank you & drive...
  8. Advice
    So today was my first day ever driving for Uber. Had 5 riders over 3.5 hours. My cut was about 42 before taxes ofcorse and gas. ( Not great at all) My eyes were really opened as to a few things. First of all there were a ton of pings in my quiet philly western suburbs. They were...
1-8 of 8 Results