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  1. Vehicles
    Hi i have been driving for Uber for the past 5 years and it’s time for me to purchase a new vehicle. I don’t have enough money saved up so i am looking to finance. I have gone to 5 different dealerships and all of them tell me that no banks will finance an Uber driver. I have good credit and it...
  2. Vehicles
    hi guys, I have been driving for 3 weeks now. I am making this full time. I’m 22 years old and trying to build a credit history so I can have great credit by the age of 24/25. Is it affordable to drive the same car for a few years in Uber? I got a Toyota Corolla S 2016 with 9,965 miles for...
  3. Vehicles
    Hello everyone, I am looking to buy a new car to drive for Uber, preferably something that would fit both Uber Select and UberXL. There are a couple of SUVs with a pair of extra seats in the back that would fit both categories perfectly, but I would also like to get your opinion on this. Which...
  4. New York City
    See lots of drivers all over driving new Honda Accords, Highlanders etc. After financing these cars are very expensive (25 to 40k)... Just refuse to get stuck with some car I bought solely to Uber with. Saw a 2012 Impala with 80k for $4700, just seems more logical to keep overhead under 1k a...
  5. Pay
    Hello Uber family.. I joined uber a little over a month ago. Phoenix did not have the xchange program yet.. so I opted for a "leasing" company for 325 a week. It took uber 2 weeks I get me cleared. Joining also with postmates, veyo and lyft.. after finally getting the hang of it And actually...
  6. Advice
    Hi Everyone, I am planning on Driving for Uber in May, in The Nashville area, I am wanting to lease a car to own through Uber, does anyone know if this would be a good idea? also is there anway i could get Uber started in my city where i live?
1-6 of 6 Results